The world can feel dark sometimes. Especially after a week like this one. That's why it was so important for us to hear from our friend Phil Calvert. Phil works with The International Justice Mission which is an organization of Christians taking on the darkness head on. They're mission is to confront modern day slavery by caring for its victims, bringing justice to the perpetrators and building awareness around how it happens and what we can do to stop it. 


From the heart? Check

Challenging and inspiring? Check

Biblically Insightful? Check

Includes a Coca Cola taste test in the middle?!?!? Check. 

Bruce Ratzlaff does it all. Check it our here


Erin invites us all to leave a legacy for the next generation at CCCF. Find out how you can start by listening here. 


Our dear friend, Shannon Dean (Director of Camp Chesteremere) derailed our service on Sunday in the best way possible. 

Shannon, thanks for sharing your heart with us and blessing us with this message. 

We're missionaries of the good new to all creation - which means our own backyards too. 


(Check out Camp Chestermere at

July 17, 2017


There's something children do (or perhaps just are?) that makes them the model for the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. 

Which means we used to be like that. 

And we grew out of it. 

Jesus invites us to be great in His Kingdom by remembering a way we used to be (not becoming something we're not). 

That's pretty amazing if you ask me. 


God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! 

But, what happens when your life communicates to you a different message? What do you do when God doesn't feel as good or loving as He says he is? 

You can watch the clips of "The Shack" that are referenced in the sermon by going to and clicking the blog post with the sermon title. 

June 26, 2017


How do we refresh ourselves without just escaping it all?


The recording kicks in right after we watched a trailer for the movie "Hunt For The Wilderpeople". 

You can watch the trailer here:

Uncle Hector isn't the model Father. But, by circumstance he does capture one of the most defining chracteristics of God's love: He is with us. 




Our very own Youth Pastor, Erik Davis, shared with us what it means to have truth and love in harmony. Not one over the other. 

The tricky part about this is that we often sacrifice love for truth, or truth for love. How do truth and love exist together as one? 

Erik lets us know in this insightful message. Thank you Erik! 


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