A special message from our Good Friday service 

March 29, 2021

Jesus The Nazarene

When Jesus enters Jerusalem on the back of a donkey it really doesn't make a lot of sense until you understand that Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy of the Jewish messiah. He comes to us not as a generic human being from heaven. He comes to us on the back of a donkey, of a people being oppressed by Rome, as a Nazarene. 

What does it mean for us today that Jesus wasn't just a human being descended from heaven, but rather a man from Nazareth? 

March 22, 2021

Do Not Fret

One commentary described fret like this: a mixture of anxiety and anger, resentment and frustration. 


If you're like me there's been too much of that going around, but how do we get free from it all? How do we stop with all the anxiety, anger, resentment and frustration? 

March 15, 2021

You’re Not Alone

Remember those songs you listened to that helped you feel less alone? 

I'm so grateful for Psalms like Psalm 13. They let me know that when I feel alone, depressed, and struggle that I am not alone, there's nothing wrong with me, in fact there is space for all those feelings in the hymn book of the Bible. 

Psalm 13 hugs me and says "Me Too" then points me to the way out. A perfect Psalm for a difficult season. 

If you're like me, you might need a little help getting through this pandemic. I want to share with you a Psalm that contains a short prayer that can create awe, wonder, trust, space, and hope. 

March 1, 2021

The Valley Of Hinnom

Jesus tells us not to be afraid because 1. God is way scarier than people and 2. God loves us so much he counts the hair on our heads and we can trust him to look after us. 

I'm confused? What do we do with these passages that make God out to look like two different beings? 

Or, is there something we're missing? 

February 22, 2021

How To Be Hated

When Jesus sends out His disciples he gives them some instructions, the last of which is what to do when they get arrested, flogged and persecuted. 

It's a side to following Jesus that I feel a million miles away from. Not only that, the word "persecution" gets thrown out a lot by Christians here in North America, but is it the same thing? Does being hated equal validation that we are following Christ well? Or, is there a right and wrong way to be hated as a Christian? I wrestle with these questions as a Canadian Christian in 2021. What does it really mean to be persecuted for Christ? 

There's some spicy erotic stuff in Song of Songs, there's also no mention of God in the book altogether. So, what is it doing there? And what important part does it play in our understanding of God, sexuality, ourselves and the Bible? 

A special Valentines Day Sermon. 

February 8, 2021


I've always seen missions/evangelism as being the one who gives. Why then does Jesus make sure the disciples not only give, but also have to receive as well? Could this be something huge we have missed about what it means to be Christians in the world? Well, yes. 

February 1, 2021


Receiving and then sharing a gift is very different to selling something. 

How can reclaiming the gospel as gift completely change the way we live and share our faith in the world? 

It's a gift, not a commodity. 

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